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Capture 4

Harold in the Zero Room

He's been hearing a four-count drumbeat since he was eight. He's a bit insane and so very hungry...

Age: 48

Soul Edit

Soul colour: Deep Purple

Soul Trait: Control

The Plot of His Fall Edit

Matt, at every save point, tries to convince him that killing isn't a good idea. Harold knows it isn't worth the self-doubt he gets.

Lacey Lavender has a high opinion of him at the start of the game. If you go the Way of The Master, she becomes frightened as you advance toward her.

Toriel is a little worried at first. She soon takes a liking to you before you murder her. She wonders why, oh why, she took in, in her words, "that Mister Saxon"!

Sans calls you a "Master Trashbag".

Papyrus intends to stop you at all costs.

Undyne decides to kill you quickly. But you see, Harold is very strong at this point. He can kill her Undying form with thirteen hits!

When you enter Alphys's Lab, she immediately falls under your control and vows to obey your every command. From then, she follows you around, and gives you an edge in battle.

Temmies squeal and hide. "Not worth it." he says.

Mettaton isn't so sure about you, but you can kill his NEO form in 1 hit.

Asgore is very scared of you, then a Cutscene begins. Harold looks the camera in the lens, then it cuts to just show the part of his head with his eyes on it. Then only the bottom of his head (as well as his mouth) is shown as the caption then reads (in shaking letters) "DINNERTIME!!" (Minus the speech marks). The text disappears after. Harold then leaps 50 feet in the air in the cutscene, then the camera moves away. Asgore's skeleton falls to the ground, then it re-centres on Harold, who is standing next to his skeleton. He then says "Good riddance to bad rubbish, ASGORE..." The cutscene ends there, and he leaves the underground, feeling great and with Alphys under his command.

Ashley will allay your self-doubt, saying it was good to spare and it was good to listen to Matt's advice. He leaves the Underground with everyone by his side, and under his control.

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