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Capture 2

Matt in the Zero Room

Matt is a kind young man who will do all he can to spare the monsters he comes across.


Matt's SOUL

Age: 26

Soul Edit

Colour: Light Green

Trait: Time

Plot Edit

Lacey Lavender will react poorly at the beginning of the game, but will have a high opinion of you at the end.

Toriel will adore Matt.

Sans will warn you to be careful out there.

Papyrus will believe in you!

Undyne will promise not to fight.

Temmies will call out "tOIM loWD!" over and over.

Alphys will provide you with a recharge for your Sonic Screwdriver, as in the cutscene when you enter her lab, Matt complains that his Sonic Screwdriver isn't working.

Mettaton will be too shocked to attack, claiming "You're more fabulous than me!" (a reference to Matt Smith being my favourite Doctor!!)

Asgore will attempt to insist on fighting, but Matt's kindness soon convinces him otherwise. Then, Matt recites a short song from the surface (Come Along, Dear Friends) to gather everyone near the exit.

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